Laura Molloy

Ophthalmic Nurse Specialist

Laura has worked as an Ophthalmic Nurse Specialist in the Institute of Eye Surgery since 2004. Laura has a BSc (Nursing) degree from UCD and a Certificate in Physiology and Health Science from CIT. She continues her training in Ireland and abroad to keep up with the rapid changes and improvements in technology and practice.

Laura has been co-author on a number of research papers, all of which were carried out in a clinical setting and contribute to understanding of the medical retina. The most of recent of which was: Estimation of effective lens position using a method independent of preoperative keratometry readings. Dooley, I; Charalampidou, S; Nolan, JM; Loughman, J; Molloy, L; Beatty, S.  Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, 2011.

Laura has also been involved in co-ordination and collation of research data for a number of projects sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. The data she collected for these companies is used to assess the safety and efficacy of specific AMD treatment regime and glaucoma treatment.