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At the Institute of Eye Surgery, you will see a sub-specialist who deals only with patients with your type of condition. This means that their energy and practice will be focused exclusively on their specific area of expertise. Our sub-speciality experts are often involved in the development of new treatments and innovations in eye care.



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What we stand for

Patient Experience

At IoES, we place a strong emphasis on all aspects of the patient experience. We want to ensure that you can avail of world class eye care in a safe, convenient and friendly environment. At IoES, the patient always comes first.

Seamless Care

Unique in Ireland, the IoES offers coordinated care, all under the one banner. There is no need for unnecessary transfers between providers, or moving from one location to another.

Clinical Trials & Innovation

We are building a team of consultants with a focus on the latest developments and advances. We participate in clinical trials that seek to advance eye care through new procedures, medications and treatments.

Diagnostic Equipment

At the IoES will you be guaranteed access to the very best in diagnostic equipment. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality of technologically advanced devices to deliver timely and accurate diagnostic results and treatments.

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Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm (except bank holidays).