EyeLab is the Institute of Eye Surgery’s sister R&D company with a proven track record of attracting multimillion euro grants with successful spinout and exit to the top 5 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.  EyeLab is an Irish research and development company in ocular health science technologies pursuing the development of novel products and services to satisfy unmet clinical needs in ophthalmology. EyeLab currently works with a large number of pharmaceutical, optical imaging and academic partners globally to accelerate the innovation cycle.


Ongoing clinical trials: Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Vitreo-retinal surgery.


Firsts in Ireland:


27g surgery: Incisions to access the inside of the eye is measured in gauges. 27 gauge surgery is the smallest access surgery available; smaller incision results in a more controlled surgery and a more comfortable eye after surgery. IoES was the only surgical centre in Ireland utilising this technology 3 years ahead of other eye clinics.  

Trials: IoES boasts the largest number of clinical trials performed in the entire country over the last 5 years.  

Data analytics: In partnership with Novartis (one of the world’s top 5 drug company), IoES is the first clinic to use machine learning (artificial intelligence) to assist our doctors in making critical treatment decisions. No machines are yet able to make decisions for doctors but it has proven to be a very useful assistant.

Ophthalmic device sale: IoES is the only clinic in Ireland that has the know how to take a research project from patent filing to deployment.

Scientists embedded with clinical team:  IoES has a growing team of scientists and clinical trial experts embedded in the clinic to provide patients with the latest surgical technologies available.

Commercial tie up with EMR: IoES is the first private eye clinic to store patient medical records entirely digitally. We partnered with our digital provider to aggregate anonymous data to better understand the treatment of macular degeneration.

IOL clinical trial: IoES has run a couple of trials utilising the newest intraocular lens implant technology used in all cataract surgeries.  Our surgeons advise companies manufacturing intra-ocular lenses on the design of their lenses.

YAG vitreolysis: IoES is the first clinic in Ireland to provide treatments to eradicate floaters by vaporising them using lasers.   

Glaucoma trial: IoES is also home to the first phase 3 glaucoma trial ever performed in Ireland.

Most advanced OCT: IoES boasts two advanced eye scanners used in the International Space Station to generate images to help IoES surgeons diagnose and treat glaucoma and retinal diseases.

Most advanced fundus imaging system: IoES is home to the first Optos California and the first Optos Silverstone in the country.  Both these machines are used to plan surgeries of the retina and monitor abnormal blood vessels and tumours in the eye.

Most advanced retinal laser: IoES is home to the first digital laser in Ireland.  The Navilas prevents human errors by stopping misfires quicker than any human can.  Being the fastest laser in the world, it is also the most comfortable for patients.


First in Europe:


IoES is the first clinic in Europe to utilise a dropless glaucoma technology (treating glaucoma without using lifelong daily eye drops) that is fully licensed in the United States but only currently on trial in Europe.


Firsts in the World:


We partner with Alcon, the world’s largest supplier of eye surgery instruments to collect the largest series of 27g surgeries in existence.

IoES partnered with global instrument giant Carl Zeiss Meditech to publish the initial data of using their laser to vaporise floaters in our clinic.

Vitreous floater imaging system: IoES is the first clinic in the world to a special scanner to image floaters inside the eye to help us decide whether floaters can be treated by lasers or surgery (link)


For research enquires please contact Mr Emmanuel Ankamah: emmanuela@ioes.ie