About the Institute

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly-qualified and experienced specialists, consultants, clinical and administrative staff. Each member of our team is completely committed to providing patients with the best possible experience and care.

Our Consultants

Mr. Eugene Ng

Cataract & Vitreo Retinal Specialist

Mr. Pat Hayes

Cataract & Medical Retinal Specialist

Ms. Jasna Pavičić-Astaloš

Cataract and Glaucoma Specialist

Ms. Nikolina Budimlija

Ocular Surface and Chronic Eye Disease Specialist

Our Clinical Staff

Lorraine O'Keeffe


Kevin Harrington

Clinical Optometrist

Anne McSweeney

Clinical Optometrist

Sarah Sabour Pickett

Clinical Optometrist 

Laura Molloy

Ophthalmic Nurse Specialist

Technician Team

Our Operations Team

Frank Doheny

Commercial Director

Liz Roche

Operations Manager

Operations Team