Ms. Jasna Pavičić-Astaloš

Cataract & Glaucoma Specialist

Practices from: IOES Waterford and IOES Kildare


Professional highlights: Jasna made history as the first surgeon in Ireland to lead a Phase 3 Glaucoma Trial, studying an FDA approved implant. She is also consultant to various glaucoma device companies, always staying at the forefront of innovative treatments.


Career: Jasna pioneers the adoption of cutting edge glaucoma implants, lasers and surgeries. This includes adoption of digital home monitoring of patient’s intraocular pressures and new glaucoma treatments such as subthreshold glaucoma laser. Holding a Doctorate in Clinical Medicine and with over 20 years of experience, Jasna’s career includes training in Croatia and fellowships in Slovenia and Spain. For nearly a decade, she fervently led a dedicated ophthalmology team in Croatia. She set up an impressive cataract surgery training programme prior to joining the Institute of Eye Surgery.

Jasna also ran IOES’s first intraocular lens implant trial that utilises next generation lens technology.

Passionate about: As Clinical Lead for IOES, Jasna was integral in developing IOES’ Quality and Safety protocols, ensuring the highest standards for patient safety and well-being across all of IOES’ locations.