Mr. Eugene Ng

Cataract & Vitreo Retinal Specialist

Practices from: IOES Waterford and IOES Kildare

Professional highlights: Eugene’s innovation extends to the development of proprietary ophthalmic devices, some of which have earned patents that spun-out to a major ophthalmic company.

Career: With over two decades of experience, Eugene’s professional journey started in University College Dublin and he trained in all of Ireland’s major eye units before completing a fellowship in New Zealand.

Eugene is recognised for his significant contributions and has been honoured with over 30 invitations to deliver lectures at prestigious events across America, Europe, Asia, and locally. He has dedicated weeks to operating rooms in the United States, Holland, Hong Kong, and has volunteered his skills as an ophthalmic surgeon in Kenya.

Passionate about: Providing an unbiased opinion to patients and providing the highest standard of care, utilising cutting-edge ophthalmic technologies.