Mr. Marko Lukic

Medical Retinal Specialist

Practices from: IOES Kildare, IOES Athlone, IOES Mullingar


Professional Highlights: Marko is a dedicated professional who has made significant contributions to the field of ophthalmology. His involvement in a collaborative team comprising Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Google’s DeepMind led to successfully developing an AI-based platform for diagnosing diverse retinal conditions, resulting in a publication in Nature Medicine. Furthermore, Marko demonstrated exemplary leadership skills by co-leading a team responsible for implementing virtual clinics within the medical retina service at MEH South, showcasing his commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and efficiency.


Career: Marko is an esteemed Consultant Ophthalmologist interested in retina and uveitis. He is affiliated with the Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. An innovative force in the field, Marko played a significant role in developing virtual clinics at Moorfields Eye Hospital South Division, revolutionizing patient care and accessibility. He further demonstrated his commitment to research and advanced training by completing two fellowships at Moorfields Eye Hospital, including the Clinical Medical Retina Fellowship in 2016 and the Clinical Research in Medical Retina Fellowship in 2017. Marko’s proactive role as an investigator in over 15 clinical trials further highlights his strong drive toward scientific discovery and medical advancements.

Marko achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey by passing the ICO subspecialist exam in the retina in October 2020. The following year, he earned his Ph.D. from the Medical School of the University of Split, Croatia, in November 2021. His continuous professional development led him to be designated as a Fellow of the American Society of Retina Specialists in May 2022.

Marko is a member of esteemed societies like ASRS, EURETINA, ARVO, and RCOphth.

His research interests primarily focus on real-world data in diabetic macular edema and wet age-related macular degeneration. He has participated in the collaborative project between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Google’s DeepMind, which aims to develop an innovative artificial intelligence platform. Additionally, Marko lends his expertise as a reviewer for highly-ranked ophthalmology journals.

Marko is a lecturer at the Medical School of Zagreb and a medical retina tutor for optometrists at the University College of London, UK. Furthermore, Marko serves as a medicolegal expert in the UK. Since 2023, Marko has been an examiner for the EURETINA EBO Subspecialist exam.


Passionate about: Marko is driven by a deep passion for embracing new technologies and innovative treatment options within the realms of the retina. Marko’s passion extends to sharing his vast knowledge and expertise with others, which is evident in his roles as a lecturer and tutor, where he imparts valuable insights to aspiring professionals.