About the Institute

Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

As medical science and technology continues to advance at a blistering pace, we at IoES are committed to keeping up to date with the latest innovations in eye-care and eye surgery. By taking part in research projects at the forefront of innovation, we ensure our patients are always receiving the very best care available.

1st in Ireland

IoES is unique. It is the only Eye-care Center of Excellence in Ireland where all sub-specialities are available under the one roof. IoES is a place where you can see a specialist consultant for every aspect of eye care. This gives patients a one-stop-shop for the very best eye-care available in the country.

Clinical Trials

As part of maintaining its commitment to the latest trends and innovations in eye-care, IoES often takes part in clinical trials. We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to find ways to improve medications, surgeries and ways of diagnosing and treating eye-disease.

Technology & Development

With advances in technology allowing healthcare professionals to detect and treat eye disease with more speed and accuracy, it is essential that patients have access to the latest technologies and eye-care procedures. IoES prides itself on offering patients access to the very best and latest diagnostic tools and devices.

Meet our team

IoES consultants and specialists are among the very best in the industry.