About your appointment

Patient Information

Patient Information

Important Information regarding your upcoming appointment

Please allow approximately 2 hours for your appointment at the clinic to facilitate tests and scans as required, details of clinic fees are outlined below for your reference:

Initial apt* €190.00
Review apt* €150.00
Post eye injections apt* €90.00
Post-operative apt €80.00
Pre-operative apt for cataract surgery** €100.00
Pre-operative apt for vitreo-retinal surgery €50.00

 *Includes detailed eye scan

**Includes planning scans

Additional scans may be required and are charged in addition to fees at a cost of €40 per test completed. Where there is no patient health insurance in place all procedures not outlined above will incur additional costs.

If you wear glasses, please bring these with you to your appointment.  It is probable that your vision will be blurred following the consultation, so you are advised to be accompanied by a friend or family member for transport purposes. This does not apply to pre-assessment or intraocular pressure review i.e. you can drive if you wish.

Pre-assessment appointments only: If you do not have health insurance, your Consultant’s surgery fee must also be paid on this day. Please note that failure to attend your pre-operative assessment will result in your surgery date being postponed.

Should you be unable to attend this appointment, we would be grateful if you could contact us immediately on 0818 246 246 or by emailing appointments@ioes.ie so that we can accommodate other patients.

Thank you for trusting us with your eye health.